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 Pool Dragonz Rules

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PostSubject: Pool Dragonz Rules   Wed Mar 25, 2015 10:46 am

1. Timers

A. Timers are five minutes in all regular games. Special tournaments may have a different timer (i.e. Bootems), see the tournament types for the rules on them. Tournament Directors have final say in their timers.

B. Timers are extended to ten minutes if there is any major problematic occurrences such as league room issues.

C. Timers have to be issued by the hosting TD or a TD that has taken possession of the tournament. Timers will not be issued on early round two's until round one has been completed.

2. Tourney expectations

A. You are required to show sportsmanship by saying some form of good luck and after the final ball has fallen you are required to say some form of good game (good game may not be said before the final ball has fell or the game has started).

B. More than one tournament can be ran at a time. When more than one tournament is running you are required to say which game the reports are for. Do not jump more than you can keep up with or play at a time.

C. Do not jump ahead of the tournament director. Once the TD is ready to post pairs then they will be ready to take reports. Not following this can cause confusion for staff and is frowned upon.

D. The tournament director hosting is in control of their matches and any issues that arise need to be taken to them for a solution. If they need assistance they will see other staff. You have the right to appeal their decision by email to administration with screen shots if you so choose.

E. Tables are to be set at no seconds per shot and 20 minute games unless the tournament being ran requires a different set up which will be specified by the tournament director. All tables need to be set with 7 minute secure table setting and also set to private. Invites are to be sent to the tournament director anytime they are asked for or at first sight of any issue.

F. All tournaments are played as ball in hand okay unless otherwise posted by the hosting td in the lobby.

G. This is a snookering league. If you wish to play no snookering please request that to the tournament director.

H. Winners are allowed to offer re-racks, losers cannot request a re-rack. If a re-rack takes place it is to be played as a best out of three. No more than three games are to take place.

3. Accounts

A. There is only one league account per user.

B. Multiple accounts will be kicked unless you have notified administration.

C. Anyone caught using another members account will have their own account terminated.

4. Obscene Language

A. There is no cursing / profanity towards any fellow league members in the lobby or at open / protected tables. Cursing / profanity in general is allowed.

B. Please try to refrain from arguing with non-league members as much as possible. If there is too much arguing in the lobby it will deter potential members from joining and possibly run off existing members.

C. If a member of staff asks you to refrain from the language you are using please stop immediately or risk punishment.

D. No insinuating comments/remarks/statements are to be made at a table, in the lobby, nor messenger status pertaining to anything negative towards the league in no way shape or form.

E. Game Desire has a no cursing policy and will warn then suspend you if foul language is used. This is at your own risk. We have no control over your account suspensions for using this type of language. You will run the risk of being eliminated from tournaments by timer if you choose to have your account suspended for cursing so choose your words wisely in the lobby / tables. If you figure out a way around it that does not break any other league rules, you may use it.

5. Aimers

A. No accusing of any member using any type of cheating.

B. If you suspect a member of cheating please notify a member of the administration team. We will investigate it and rule it to the best of our ability.

C. If you run an assisted shooting program and are found to have one you will be kicked/banned. If it is highly suspected that you are running an "aimer", you at an administrator's request will have to use Camtasia or download and allow an administrator access through TeamViewer within a reasonable amount of time to determine whether you are cheating or not.

6. League games / Races

A. League games are approved and the game type must be a rated game.

B. Races will be enforced but only if the race and race agreement is proven by screen shot or cam and submitted to administration.

C. If the game is not found on your game desire profile administrators will not report the games. When filing your complaint please send a screen shot of your profile showing the game in question with who was the winner and / or cam tape. If the screen shot / cam tape is not provided, administration will not be hunting down the profiles to find the information and report it.

7. Boxing/Banning

A. It is up to the administrator that is handling the case to determine what punishment should be issued for the offense that was committed. Another administrator will not over rule any decision already made unless there was an error and that will be from higher staff only. There is only one administrator for every case unless others are asked for assistance by the current administrator working with the issue. Going to another administrator can / will cause a box and or ban.

B. Once boxed, no one will be removed from the box in order to withdraw. The time must be served then the decision to withdraw may be made.

C. Further bad behavior will extend the box for each act committed. If it comes to an administrator removing you from the box, they will remove you and instantly kick/ban you.

D. Once an issue has been brought to an administrator it is not to be brought back up for discussion in the future, if it is refer to rule A.

8. Harassment

A. No harassment or disrespect of any sort will be tolerated.

B. If someone asks for the behavior to stop, please stop so that it is not considered harassment or disrespect.

C. No relationship problems are to be drug into the league as that is personal. If they are, we will consider it harassment against the league as a whole and both parties run the risk of being removed.

9. Corrections

A. There will be no corrections made toward members in the lobby if at all possible. Try to take it in private first, if it is necessary then it can be aired in the lobby.

B. No staff is to be corrected in the lobby. It will try to be resolved in private first. If it cannot be resolved in private you can be removed from staff and then revert back to rule a.

C. Anything small is fine. Outside of everyday run in the mill typical errors, if you are found correcting someone you can be removed from staff yourself if proof is provided against you. It is up to an administrator as to how to handle the situation.

10. Snookering

A. Safety shots (snookering) is allowed.

B. Anyone caught disagreeing with this method can be kicked in order to go find another league.

C. Keep in mind the more you snooker people the more you will be snookered.

11. Rushing

A. There will be no rushing any host to hurry up. However, tournaments are expected to be closed and ran within 5 minutes of scheduled start time providing enough has checked in and there are no objections; if there are objections then it is expected to start within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time.

B. There will be no rush on players to hurry to complete their match however if game desire calls the math at the 20 minute mark then the match is over.

C. Anyone found to be in violation of a or b will be boxed and allowed time to slow down themselves.

D. This is just a total catch in the rules to see if they have been read and your key into staff. If they have been read please ICQ or email one of the administrators and notify them the rules are read and understood.

12. Boosting

A. Boosted ids are allowed.

B. Boosting of league id's in our lobby is not allowed. If you wish to boost please find another lobby to do it in.

13. Staff

A. Td's are expected to run five (5) tournaments a week. Htd's are expected to run three (3) tournaments a week. Admins are active exempt; however they are expected to fill in where necessary.

B. No admin of PDZ will be admin elsewhere unless special cases are approved by head administrators. Inter league's do not count as head staff elsewhere since they are not another functioning league. It is at the Head Administrator's discretion as to whether to allow staff to HTD for other leagues. This will be based off staff activity (if we feel you can successfully share time and still provide what PDZ expects of staff).

C. Staff found guilty of provoking problems between members or leagues will be terminated and other punishment will be issued as necessary.

D. If a staff member is going to be gone longer than 1 week they need to find head staff to place them on vacation. If you become 14 days idle you will receive an email and at 21 days idle you will lose your staff position.

E. All staff applications need to be filled out completely unless otherwise stated from the head admins co head admins, or senior admins.

F. Other members of staff can take over, start, and run other staffs tournaments if the tournament is not started within the time frames listed in rule 11 A and enough is present to run it. If the original staff member shows up it is to be turned back over to them if they wish.

G. If the catch listed in the rules above is not met then the staff application will be denied.

14. Messenger / Skype

A. Messenger / Skype private conversations will not be acted upon by admins unless it directly impacts the league as a whole.

B. Everyone has control of their own messenger / skype and may delete, block, and/or ignore the other person and any given time other than ICQ for staff.

C. Messenger statuses about the league or members in the league is grounds for boxing / kicking. This puts the league and / or its members in bad light to the public and will not be tolerated. If you have an issue handle it in private or risk punishment.

D. Messenger / Skype group conversations are not allowed to contain any league related information at all. Any and all league information is to be typed unless it is in ICQ monitored by Head Admins or Co Head Admins. Group conversations can still be used as long as the information is typed so that if needed it can be reviewed as per rule A.

E. Any and all messenger services are allowed t be used, however staff must run ICQ as their method of staff communication. ICQ is the preferred method for everyone so that members can reach staff if needed but is not required. If you choose to not run ICQ you can get assistance via email.

15. Head Administrator

A. Where no rule exists the head admin can rule for or against anything.

B. The Head Admin has the right to add to or take away from these rules at any time without prior notice.

C. The Head Admin can add, subtract, or over rule since that is the Head Administrators right and position on anything at any time.

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Pool Dragonz Rules
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